Helpful holiday advice for diabetics with “at risk” feet.

Before you go

  • Check that your travel insurance will cover any problems that arise.
  • When packing, carry your medication in your hand luggage, or better still, carry a supply in two different places.
  • If you are on insulin you will need to get a letter from your GP or the hospital to enable you to carry it in your hand luggage
  • It is advisable to always carry a full list of your current medication with you.
  • Bear in mind, there may be delays, carry extra medication and currency in case of emergency.
  • Pack a small first aid kit you can make your own or purchase ready-made kits.
  • Don’t take brand new shoes on holiday as they may rub.

The Journey

  • When flying, allow plenty of time at the airport.
  • Don’t carry heavy luggage: use a trolley.
  • Consider asking for a wheelchair if your feet are at risk.
  • Beware of trolleys pushed by other passengers in a hurry.
  • Wear shoes with adjustable fastenings to accommodate swelling.
  • Ask for an aisle seat and exercise/walk up and down to prevent swelling.
  • Do not get dehydrated – keep sipping water.
  • On a car or coach journey, have frequent stops to stretch your legs.

On arrival

  • Use sun block or very high factor sunscreen- and keep in the shade. Remember your feet can burn too!
  • Hot sand, shells, broken glass and debris can cause serious injuries. Wear closed style beach shoes on the beach or poolside and in the sea. Don’t go barefoot.
  • Your feet may be swollen after travelling or in hot climates, be aware of pressure from footwear.

2 thoughts on “Helpful holiday advice for diabetics with “at risk” feet.”

  1. Had my first treatment today and was very please, my feet feel so much better now. Lovely lady, advised me what to do to prevent callouses coming back and how to treat start of nail fungal. Going again in six weeks. Very good value.
    Well worth a visit.

    1. Hi Natalie Thank you for your recommendation and your comments, we aim to give value for money treatments and help people maintain healthy feet. I look forward to seeing you again. Melanie

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