Our Approach

Is to give good service with a smile. We want to help you have healthy happy feet. We hope you will love coming and buying our products and having treatments in our clinic.

Our Story

The Agile Foot Health clinic has been serving the High Wycombe area since May 2016. We are a small business which is keen to combine the best of the medical world along with tried and tested essential oil based products. We want to blend the best of both worlds to give you great results and wonderful feet. We are aware that both men and women have equal need for healthy feet and so many of the essential oil based creams we use have neutral smells which are equally good on men and women.

Melanie Green

Founded Agile Foot Health to provide a Foot Health Service in the High Wycombe area.


Melanie Green. RGN, Foot Health Practitioner.

Founder & CEO

Melanie has been a nurse for over 20 years working both in the NHS and the Private sector. It was while she was working in a Private Medical facility in a City bank that she developed an interest in foot care. In 2014 she qualified as a Foot Health Practitioner at the SMAE institute and has practiced as a foot health Practitioner since.  Her interests are Gardening and keeping Chickens.

Next Steps...

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