A Foot treatment costs £35.00*

A Foot treatment includes a foot health assessment with the first treatment which will assess the circulation to you feet and sense of feeling. A treatment takes about 40 mins and for that I will Cut nails, treat corns, hard skin, ingrowing nails, and fungal conditions all in one session.

* Concessions £29 including over 65's, children under 18, and registered disabled.

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Ear Wax removal £20 for one ear or £25 for both

This treatment will remove er wax gently from the ear canal. At your appointment a nurse will look into the ear to check that you are suitable for this treatment. We recommend that you use an ear wax softener prior to treatment such as olive oil. This can be done as a home visit as well.

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verruca Treatment

This includes removing the callous formation that covers the verruca and cauterizing the capillaries that feed the verruca, advice, and the topical treatment that you apply at home.

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Welcome to Agile Foot Health +


Agile Foot Health + is a clinic in High Wycombe serving the Bucks area. Treatments available are: removal of callous, corns, fungal nails, athlets foot and other foot conditions. Agile Foot Health plus because we give a little more than just foot health services, we also do wound dressings, STI tests, DNA relationship testing, drug testing, and sell foot health/beauty products. We are able to give great care from a prime site near to the railway station in High Wycombe.


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